About us

People call us when they are in their own personal crisis, as a result of something that has happened outside of their comfort zone or outside of their own ability to cope which results in them calling for help. The EMT Service conducts an all-volunteer Community Ambulance Service that is based on our mission to promote and improve community health resources for all whom seek help.

We respond to some urgent and unplanned events, and work closely with locum doctors, specialist community shelters and other organisations to provide timely on-scene assessment and transport to hospital. Our Community Ambulance Officers are rostered every night of the year, tending to different patients with differing severities and illnesses.

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EMT Ambulance is staffed completely by volunteers. Our team come from all walks of life, of differing ages and experiences. Being a Volunteer Community Ambulance Officer  opens a wide range of opportunities, and can teach you a lot about yourself.

Being a volunteer is a great way to learn new things and participate in helping others in need.